The DNC Won’t Defend Donna Brazile

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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No one at the Democratic National Committee will defend DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile, even after The Daily Caller has called, emailed, and visited DNC headquarters.

Emails released by WikiLeaks showed that Brazile leaked a CNN town hall question and a CNN debate question to the Clinton campaign. She has resigned from her CNN contributor position, and CNN president Jeff Zucker has called her actions “unethical.”

When Brazile leaked the questions to the Clinton campaign it was during the Democratic primaries and she was DNC vice-chair at the time. The reason she became DNC chairwoman is because the prior chair, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, stepped down after a separate WikiLeaks release showed her bias against Clinton’s primary opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. DNC CEO Amy Dacy, CFO Brad Marshall, and communications director Luis Miranda also resigned over the leaks.

The Daily Caller asked if the DNC will ask Brazile to resign. The DNC has not responded, despite numerous attempts at questioning party officials.

TheDC was connected with DNC deputy communications director Eric Walker, who said he was busy and that TheDC should email him. Walker was emailed on Wednesday and has yet to respond. TheDC also emailed DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach on Wednesday and he has yet to respond.

TheDC called DNC communications staffer Jenna Price on Friday and she said to email her.

Price’s only response was, “I’m not a spokesperson and I can’t respond to your inquiries.”

TheDC then went to the DNC’s offices in person to ask about Brazile.

Security at Democratic headquarters said that TheDC can’t meet with people without a prior appointment. TheDC asked them to call up to Eric Walker, deputy communications director, to ask if we could speak to them. Security did so and Walker refused to talk. Walker was then asked in an email why is he afraid to defend his own chairwoman. Walker has not responded.