WikiLeaks Show Washington Post Writer Asked DNC For Anti-Trump Research

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Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank appears to have asked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to do the majority of the research for a negative column he wrote about Donald Trump in April 2016.

Milbank’s column was titled, “The Ten Plagues of Trump,” and featured a list of “outrageous things” said by Trump. One of the “plagues” listed by Milbank, for example, was “Blood” and centered around a quote from Trump about Megyn Kelly: “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

Internal DNC emails suggest Milbank’s asked for — and then leaned heavily on — DNC opposition research on Trump for the article. (RELATED: Leaked Emails Show CNBC’s John Harwood Gloating About Provoking Trump At Debate)

The day before Milbank’s article, DNC deputy communications director Eric Walker sent out an email to the DNC’s research team.

In the email — which was titled “research request: top 10 worst Trump quotes?” — Walker wrote, “Milbank doing a Passover-themed 10 plagues of Trump.”

The DNC research team worked together to come up with a list of things Milbank could use that was provided to Walker. (RELATED: Hill’s Shills: Leaks Have Exposed Journalists In Clinton’s Corner)

Of the 10 “plagues” listed by Milbank, eight of them matched up with suggestions from the DNC.

By press time, Milbank had not yet replied to a list of questions from The Daily Caller about his article and whether or not he used DNC research in crafting it. (RELATED: Hillary Emails So Bad Clinton Campaign Wanted Public To Focus On Benghazi Instead)

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