Mother Jones Editor Thinks Trump Presidency Worse Than 9/11

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A Mother Jones editor thinks Donald Trump winning the presidency is as bad as 9/11, equating a peaceful Democratic election with the day al Qaida terrorists murdered 3,000 Americans.

Editor in Chief Clara Jones says she hasn’t felt this bad since she watched the towers fall in a tweet Thursday. “Haven’t felt this gutted since I watched the Twin Towers fall,” she said.

Expanding on her view in a follow up tweet, she listed “normalization of hate,” “climate catastrophe,” and “families separated” as the reason she is so upset with Trump’s win. “This is not a normal switch from one party to another,” she tweeted.

Other liberals have drawn the 9/11 comparison, drawing condemnation from family members of the victims. “That’s ridiculous,” the wife of an NYPD officer killed that day told The Daily Caller. “My husband died on that day saving lives. What did Trump do? He just got elected for President.”

The tweet quickly drew sharp criticism on Twitter, as users told Jones to “get a grip” and keep some perspective.

“This is beyond disgusting,” one person tweeted. “I didn’t support Trump, but this statement equates 3,000 being slaughtered to a damn election.”

“Get a fucking grip,” another added. “Thousands died that day in an act of senseless terror. Your candidate lost an election. Perspective.”

And another: “2,996 people died on 9-11. You need a sense of perspective and a removal of your head from your ass.”

A reporter at The Washington Examiner pointed out plenty of terrible things have happened since 9/11 that apparently did not upset Jones as much as Trump winning the presidency.

“It’s a little staggering to think of all the terrible things that happened in the last 15 years that haven’t affected Clara as much as this,” Kyle Feldscher tweeted.

He followed with a list of them: “Sandy Hook. Paris. Orlando. San Bernardino. Hurricane Katrina. The earthquake in Haiti. The Iraq War. The recession.”

Others simply tweeted at Jones that she needs help.

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