The Rage Of The Cry-Babies

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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Across America, outraged liberals have taken to the streets to block traffic, cause mayhem and destroy property because their candidate lost the presidential election. In Los Angeles leftists shut down the 101 Freeway, while in Oakland protestors shouted obscenities in Spanish while smashing windows and starting fires.

This liberal tantrum is being driven by ideology as much as by rage at the possibility that someone might take their government handouts away. This applies as much to the protestors themselves as the financial oligarchs who usually fund their operations.

Life for those who live off government in America has been good for a long time now. For the past few decades, and especially since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the economic spoils have increasingly gone to the financial elite and the state-dependent rather than the workers and taxpayers in the heartland of America. Productive Americans have been progressively subsidizing the economic parasites. Overall, it’s been a good time to be a liberal in Obama’s America.

While real wages have been declining and debt burdens have been rising for everyday Americans, the liberal establishment has not been concerned. Instead, the left has been obsessed about climate change, transgenderism and demonizing Vladimir Putin.

Inside the palace of the liberal establishment, the fashionable moral crusades have been abstract and driven by ideology rather than by reality. The mounting concerns of the peasantry who feed those inside the palace walls have not been a priority.

With the election of Donald Trump the peasants have stormed the palace, put their bare feet up on the gilt chaise lounge and let the elite know they will no longer submit to the will of a corrupt internationalist oligarchy. It’s a beautiful moment in American history that many have longed for. Things will never be the same again.

As expected, the liberal establishment and the indoctrinated stooges who worship them are throwing a tantrum of the ages. Rather than soul-searching to examine how they got things so wrong, the liberal elite in America are doubling down on their scorn and hatred for the president-elect. Some of them can’t even.

The outrage of the left has become a spectacle that only serves to make liberals look even more ridiculous to the rest of America.

What is enraging the liberal elite is that they are losing control. Paul Krugman has come out lambasting everyday Americans for ensuring that the New York Stock Exchange crashes forever by voting Trump in. In Krugman’s world, it’s the end of American capitalism. Perhaps Krugman knows that it is the plan of Hillary’s Wall St backers to crash the markets to punish the peasants for defying their will.

Instead the Dow closed up 272 points on Wednesday. Yet again the establishment was not able to impose their will on reality. It seems capitalism will continue, just as Krugman will continue with his lunatic scribblings which fewer and fewer people will read. One day he will be gently superannuated, muttering neo-Keynesian gibberish into his beard while enjoying the wealth the establishment has bestowed upon their loyal servant.

Glenn Thrush at Politico has attributed Trump’s landslide victory over Clinton to ‘white rage’ and ‘pure emotion’. In Glenn’s world this must have been the case, because if anyone disagrees with the New Left ideology at the heart of Clinton’s campaign they must be either ignorant or insane. To America’s coastal elites, if you don’t agree with the liberal version of history, you must be uneducated. If you don’t agree with the Cultural Marxists that white men are privileged, toxic sub-humans who must be relegated to the bottom of the social order, then you must be a complete moron.

The way the liberal media speaks about the deplorables who support Trump is as though we are a pack of ravenous animals. Such arrogance is breathtaking.

Should any of the liberal elite still think Trump is stupid, they will soon learn of their mistake. All Obama had to do when he was campaigning was turn up and give a nice speech. His handlers held his hand every step of the way, and have directed him throughout his presidency. Trump on the other hand has strategized to overturn the entire liberal establishment, including the toothless Republican leadership, and has defeated all of them. He may well be the greatest political genius in American history.

Talking heads in the media have enjoyed mocking Trump’s way of speaking. The joke has been on them. Trump’s laconic speech has been strategic. Trump’s biggest political handicap was him being a billionaire. What better way to overcome that problem than by talking simply? While the elites thought they were laughing at Trump, he was laughing straight back. Trump’s plain speech has proven a political masterstroke.

When the liberal elite of America watch Alex Jones vituperate against the globalists, hear Rush Limbaugh rail against Obama or read Ann Coulter call them a cult, they recoil in effete horror. They fear they have encountered some fey subspecies of humanity which does not deserve the same treatment as themselves.

This is the type of mentality common among a degenerate ruling class just prior to full-scale revolution. The peasantry doesn’t mind being ruled; what they cannot abide is being mocked. When Trump baited the liberal elite to deride and ridicule him, he made the rest of America love him. He stood and took the slings and arrows of an arrogant and out-of-touch elite to show the people he is worthy to lead them out from under the rule of an oppressive and corrupt establishment. In doing so, he started to make America great again.