Clinton Aide Hints At Electoral College Mischief

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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Longtime Hillary Clinton aide and former communications director for the Clinton campaign Jennifer Palmieri hinted at possible electoral college mischief in a tweet on Friday after a statement from President-elect Donald Trump seemed to rub her the wrong way.

“Wonder if [Trump] knows that electoral college hasn’t even met yet,” Palmieri tweeted, in the latest indication that Clinton allies may be trying to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency before the billionaire real estate mogul ever takes office.

Palmieri was triggered by a brief statement from Trump in which the president-elect cast doubt on a Washington Post report that Russia had intervened in U.S. presidential elections for the purpose of getting Trump elected. (RELATED: Trump Team: Same People Who Say Russia Meddled In Election Said Iraq Had WMD’s)

Palmieri’s ominous tweet follows a Politico report that rogue electors have been in contact with Clinton insiders. (RELATED: Exclusive: ‘Faithless Elector’ Now Blames Mike Pence For Vote Switch)

One Republican elector who won’t be voting for Trump is using a public relations firm founded by left-wing commentator and former Obama adviser Van Jones, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Clinton camp also participated in recount efforts initiated by Green Party nominee Jill Stein. So far, those recount efforts have proved largely fruitless. (RELATED: First Day Of Wisconsin Recount Nets Hillary One Vote)


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