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TX Pastor Goes To Mall, Tries To Ruin Christmas For Little Kids

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Bad Santa, meet Bad Evangelist.

I believe in the First Amendment. You have the right to worship, or not worship, as you choose. You have the right to express your religious beliefs. And if you use that right to hurt little kids who just want to enjoy Christmas, I have the right to point out that you’re a dick.

WFAA, Dallas-Ft. Worth:

A Texas pastor took to Facebook to spread his message to all the good little boys and girls this Christmas: “Santa’s not real.”

At an Amarillo mall, children were waiting in line to see Santa Claus when David Grisham Jr. decided to steal their Christmas joy. Like the Grinch descending upon Whoville, Grisham, of Last Frontier Evangelism, told children who were waiting in line that the jolly man in red was an imposter.

And in 2016, what’s the point of doing something like that if you’re not going to record it?

That idiot is lucky one of those dudes didn’t go all Krampus on him. All he’d get for Christmas is his two front teeth. On the floor.

Seriously, though, what’s Texas law on something like this? Seems to me that if some crazy-eyed freak starts yelling at your kids and won’t stop, you have the right to protect them. How is that assault? This is not normal behavior, and this guy should not be around children.

Hat tip to Ed Morrissey, who notes: “Who wants to tell Pastor Grisham that Jesus almost certainly wasn’t born in the year 0? Perhaps he should get his own facts straight before lecturing others on truth.” I’d say that’s the least of his problems. But yeah.

Besides, this Grisham jerk is wrong. Santa is real. I know it’s true because when I leave the little bottle of Coke and the plate of cookies by the tree on Christmas Eve, the next morning the bottle is empty and there are just crumbs on the plate. And there are a bunch of presents with his name on them.

Uhhhh… duh!