Media Blames Truck For Palestinian Terror Attack In Israel

Derek Hunter Contributor
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When a Palestinian terrorist drove a truck into a crowd of Israeli soldiers Sunday morning the headlines from major media outlets pinned the blame squarely on the truck, avoiding headlining the story as a terrorist attack.

“At Least 4 Dead and 15 Injured in Jerusalem Truck Attack,” declared the New York Times.

The lede in the times read, “A truck plowed into a group of people as they were getting off a bus in Jerusalem on Sunday afternoon, killing at least four people and injuring about 15 others, the police said.”

The Associated Press mentioned the driver was a Palestinian, but headlined the story in a way that still called it a “truck attack,” not a terrorist attack.

The AP headlined the story, “Israel police: Palestinian truck attack kills 4 in Jerusalem.”

The Washington Post ran the AP story, tweeting:

When the Times tweeted the story there was no mention of the driver:

The AP’s tweet was similar:

The headlines did not go unnoticed on social media.

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