Obama Crashes Josh Earnest’s Last Briefing As White House Press Secretary [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Tuesday marked Josh Earnest’s final White House press briefing, and after he sent himself off with jokes and a lengthy preamble about democracy, President Obama took the stage to congratulate him.


“I’m not interrupting because he was saying nice things about you guys,” Obama told reporters as he took the podium from Earnest.

“When I first met Josh Earnest, he was in Iowa — I think he was wearing jeans — he looked even younger than he was, and since my entire campaign depended on communications in Iowa, I gave him a pretty good once over,” he continued. “I noticed a couple of things right away.”

Josh Earnest and President Obama (Getty Images)

Josh Earnest and President Obama (Getty Images)

“Number one, he’s just got that All American, matinee, good-looking thing going on,” POTUS joked. “Then, his name is Josh Earnest, and if you’re having someone speak on your behalf, that’s a pretty good name to have.”

Obama stated that what struck him most about Earnest was “his integrity.”

“He has always been the guy you wanted him to be.”

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