Marching To Madonna’s Drummer

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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At the Women’s March on Washington last weekend, Madonna confessed, “I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House.”  Very poetic.  I wasn’t aware that Madonna thought a great deal about anything.  I must confess to wishing Madonna would just go away and begin to act her upper middle-aged self.  She is becoming the Mae West of her generation – begging that great Billy Wilder line from Sunset Boulevard when William Holden as Joe Gillis says to Gloria Swanson playing the ill-fated Norma Desmond: “There’s nothing tragic about being 50; not unless you try being 25.”

While there has always been something tragic about Madonna, there is something just painfully insipid about confessing your pyrotechnic fantasies as they relate to the White House, and, more alarmingly, its occupants.  Would she have waited until the previous occupants had left the building?

Please don’t tell me that this pathetic political activist has cleverly reinvented herself over the decades because continuing to sell sex and presenting a glorified strip act on the concert circuit has never made her even vaguely original, just persistently profane.

As were the women who think they have something to fear from a Donald Trump presidency.  Yes, how cute with the pink touques that have all the subtly and effectiveness of black rapper who thinks its daring and ironic to use racial epithets when it’s really just sad and moronic.

So the pitiful weekend crowd did not vote for Trump and he is not their president.  Okay, we’ve heard it all before.  There’s another presidential election in four years.  We’ll see you then.

No.  We have to see the parade of pathos and silly signs that whine about some nonsense called “reproductive rights” and making absurd suggestions that Trump is somehow going to rollback all the social and economic progress that women in America have made since enfranchisement almost a century ago; or that he would even want to do that.

So you won’t go home; can you please stop misrepresenting yourselves?

That is what is most galling about the presumptuous participants in this feminist charade: the very idea that these wheezy leftists actually represent all women.  With so many of these women obsessed with abortion and what they deem to be their inherent human right to kill the unborn without restraint, without contemplation, without consideration, without consequence – they could at least acknowledge that there is another side to this issue, but more importantly, they could acknowledge that many women are on the other side of the issue and are proudly pro-life.

There were many reasons for Hillary Clinton losing the presidential election to Donald Trump – and none of them have anything to do with the Russians clandestinely working against her candidacy.  One of the reasons was her extreme position on abortion.  Both Vice President Mike Pence in his debate with the hapless Sen. Tim Kain and Trump in his final joust with Clinton fearlessly described the ingrained criminality of partial birth abortion and just how out of touch feminist liberals like Clinton and her acolytes are with Main Street America.

Former President Bill Clinton used to say that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare.”  Hillary dropped the rare because that was too upsetting to her abortion-happy allies who don’t think abortion should be rare at all, but just as common as having a cavity filled at the dentist.

But just to ensure that the great unwashed aren’t too disturbed by the implications of all this, they prefer to talk about their reproductive rights; as if that makes it all better.

As one very perspicacious female observer wrote to me on the weekend in a Tweet, the march was all about “women using oppression and social dominance to force their preferred narrative over other women, yet simultaneously decrying these practices as patriarchal and as the reason feminism exists.  Total hypocrisy.”

Total irrelevancy would also apply.

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