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Afternoon Mirror: Infamous Ginger Journo Has Spawned A Child

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“Being a dad is pretty great.”

GotNews editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson, a Ginger whose daughter was born over the weekend. He wrote on Facebook, “I’m prepared to offer my daughter’s hand in marriage to Barron Trump so that together they may rule the universe though we should wait until she’s a week old.”

He overshared, “It took three and a half years before we got pregnant with Charlotte. It was worth the wait.” There are pictures just yet. “For now no public photos of my daughter,” he wrote. “I chose to have a Facebook and live a public life. She didn’t so I’m respecting her privacy. Cuteness may override my initial views but that’s what I think at the moment.”



The Braggart

“I found the inauguration inspiring. Of course, I was close enough to the stage to catch spit from the bassoons.” — Daily Mail U.S. Editor David Martosko.

Ellen‘s producer says: DRINK UP

“The reason #BoycottStarbucks is trending is because they are going to hire refugees. I say #DrinkStarbucks.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

Anti-Trump reporter: Being picked by Trump for Supreme Court is insulting

“Imagine getting a call from Trump today asking you to be his Supreme Court nominee. Imagine being the sort of person who says yes to that.” — Adam Weinstein, self-described “senior reporter for hire,” formerly wrote for Gawker.

TPM‘s Josh Marshall has feelings 




If you’re an American Muslim journo, call this woman 

“If you’re a Muslim journalist in the U.S. contact me. I’m working on starting the Muslim American Journalism Association (MAJA).” — Sarah Amy Harvard, staff writer, Mic.

Deep Thoughts (And a Spelling Error) 

“The key is to take Trump littorally, defining all his actions as relating to or situated on the shore of the sea or a lake.” — Logan Dobson, director of data and analytics, NRSC.

Travel Bitches: Reporter hates getting around D.C. 

“D.C. is literally the most impossible city to get around it’s a nightmare.” — Taylor Lorenz, The Hill.

Rob Reiner calls for Trump’s impeachment 

“Donald Trump put his hand on a bible & swore to uphold the constitution. This is very simple. He hasn’t. Congress do your job. #Impeachment.” — Hollywood filmmaker/director Rob Reiner.

Reporter in a quandary about crowd size 

“OK, this March for Life is very huge, and I’m conflicted about how much I hope it’s bigger than Trump’s inauguration.” — Erin Gloria Ryan, The Daily Beast.

Journalist says Trump is light on facts 

“Smart for WH to keep press conference brief. The longer it went, the clearer it would be the president doesn’t know many details or facts.” — Stu Rothenberg, senior editor,