Sorry Mr. Franklin, The Republic Is Dead

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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President Trump’s flurry of activity since taking office has been breathtaking to behold. Like no president before him, Trump is using the power of the presidential pen to roll back the worst excesses of the Obama years and bring the focus of government back to what is in the interests of the American people.

Trump’s unilateral use of executive power is outraging liberals, of course. Their howls of anguish are a delight to the ears of right-thinking Americans. In a beautiful irony of history, it was the left who created the imperial presidency that Trump is now wielding to such devastating effect against their neo-Marxist globalist agenda.

To justify their use of judicial, legislative and executive power to re-engineer American society, the left call the Constitution a ‘living document’. No it is not. The Constitution is dead, and it was the left who killed it. They killed it as part of an ongoing ideological agenda by the cult of equality to build a socialist utopia on the dry bones of Christian America.

Regardless of whether the left knew it while stabbing their rhetorical, legislative and political knives into the back of the American people, their actions were only ever serving the interests of a tiny and unaccountable oligarchic elite. Like in all republican forms of government throughout history, the well-connected super-rich long ago used their wealth to capture the American political process. These are the ones who ultimately have the blood of the Republic on their hands.

If President Trump becomes an American Caesar then the left and their oligarchic puppet-masters will have only themselves to blame.

President Trump’s blitzkrieg of executive orders is also troubling many on the right, including libertarians and paleoconservatives, who see it as an unacceptable transgression of the Constitution by a Republican president. Such ideological purity is perhaps admirable but inexcusably naïve. Do the constitutional fundamentalists believe that, should President Trump be removed, the left will not immediately come back harder than ever to resume destroying America?

When Benjamin Franklin was asked by the crowd waiting outside the Constitutional Convention what form of government America would have, he responded, ‘A republic, if you can keep it.’ His response referred implicitly to the fall of the Roman Republic, which at that time everyone listening would have understood.

Just as in Rome, somewhere along the way, the American Republic died. Some might put the blame at the feet of President Trump’s role model, Andrew Jackson. Others might credit the divisive presidency of Lincoln, the scars of which remain largely unhealed to this day. Still others the imperial adventurism of Wilson or the socialist agenda implemented by LBJ. Of course many will blame Obama.

Regardless, as in Rome, the Republic which was bequeathed by the Founding Fathers has become a hollow shell of procedures shielding an oligarchic political system. We do not need a Princeton University study to tell us this; the evidence is everywhere around us.

The lie that the people tell themselves in a democracy is that they can rule. They cannot. America is not and never was a democracy. This is fortunate, as democracies are always politically unstable, economically socialist and militarily aggressive until they bring about their own destruction. The republican form of government developed by the Founders was designed to provide for rule by the best of the rest. Instead we have had, until the election of President Trump, rule by the worst.

The Bushes and Clintons have behaved in the same manner as the great patrician families that ran Late Republican Rome shambolically for their own interests. Groomed for privilege and trained to use rhetorical symbols which emote rather than inform and divide rather than unite, these types of leaders are front-men who maintain the outward forms of the republic and who serve the interests of their class in return for permission to rule.

President Trump’s executive actions have forced the oligarchs behind the scenes to reveal themselves to the American people. While George Soros has been funding street violence, disruptions and protests to derail the Trump presidency and advance his open society agenda, the Koch brothers have also revealed that they are now funding opposition to President Trump’s restoration of border sovereignty and bringing back of jobs to the United States.

That Charles Koch was the founder of the Tea Party movement should give right-thinking Americans pause. How could someone who founded the Tea Party be against American sovereignty and economic nationalism? What agenda and whose interests were really being served by the Tea Party movement?

In the same way as the Romans saw a representative form of government as a guarantor of liberty after the rule of an oppressive king, the Founders believed that adult male suffrage would bring about a system most likely to provide prosperity, stability and strength. Looking back over American history, we would have to say that for a long time they were right. Like in Rome, however, the American Republic became a farce, a puppet show put on by the oligarchy to distract and rule the disorganized masses. Voting is no guarantee of liberty; indeed, in a corrupt republic, it is the means of liberty’s suppression.

Like Julius Caesar, Trump has emerged as a lightning bolt to shatter the globalists’ cozy political arrangement. It is now gone forever. Whatever America’s political system is in the process of becoming, it will never go back to what it was in 2016. Neither can it ever go back to 1776.