University Socialists Plan ‘Culture’ Night of Whacking Trump Pinata


David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Students at the University of Central Florida will have a rare opportunity this Friday to mix cultural diversity with their hatred of President Donald Trump.

According to Campus Reform, the Knights for Socialism club on campus will be engaging in some quasi-literal Trump-bashing with a much-anticipated “Whack-a-Trump Pinata” event. The socialist students have previously expressed their fondness for physical activity nights by hosting a “Leftist Fight Club” workshop that provided pointers on how to tussle with conservative students.

The group promises a great time on its Facebook event page: “Angry? Afraid? Stressed?” “Come vent all that out with Knights for Socialism this Friday on the Free Speech lawn in a celebration of the Mexican and Latino culture that makes America and Florida so great!”

Despite all the talk of breaking cultural bread together, the announcement gets to the point of the evening, which is to “come take a swing at Trump and his cronies,” noting that “we will have multiple Pinatas ready to bash!”

A first draft of the event’s description added: “Let the traitorous Republican party know what you really think of them!”

For for their part, the “traitorous” UCF College Republicans are taking the event in stride, with chairman Karis Lockhart saying the socialists are “just trying to get a reaction” again, though she says they will discourage such events from reoccurring.

Apparently, not satisfied with thumping Trump’s effigy, the leftists are also venting about liberal white feminists:

“¡Viva la Raza! Viva Mexico! COMBAT LIBERAL WHITE FEMINISM,” one post offers, with the accompanying hastags of “#ResistTrump #DeportTrump #SmashFascism #Revolution.”

But it’s not all politics on Friday night. Students can win prizes consisting of candy or “scantron” sheets that are used for multiple choice exams.

Lockhart told Campus Reform, “It’s clear that they are just trying to get a reaction out of us, but that doesn’t mean that it becomes appropriate for campus,” she asserted. “An event like this, following their leftist fight club training, shows a pattern of violent behavior that’s not conducive to campus life here at UCF.”

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