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A Nude Man On Drugs Injures Employee In NBC’s DC Bureau

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Where is the one place you want to avoid if you’re naked and all screwed up on drugs?

NBC’s Washington bureau. A place with lots of cameras and, ahem, reporters.

On Saturday night, a man in this crazed state made it passed security before an employee tackled him — ew?! — to the floor, according to The Washington Examiner. Ralph Guadino, a NBC engineer, was the person who confronted the intruder. He was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries. He’s being hailed as a hero within the bureau.

naked man.

The man was identified as Mark Baker, who lives in Northwest Washington.

Ken Strickland, NBC News Washington Bureau Chief, and Jackie Bradford, President and General Manager of WRC-TV NBC4 Washington, sent out a serious-sounding internal memo on the matter.

From: NBCU Nebraska Ave.Communications (NBCUniversal)
Sent: Monday, February 13, 2017 6:47 AM
To: @NBC Uni WRC 4001 Nebraska ave
Subject: Security Incident on Saturday Night

We want to let you know that an individual trespasser entered the building on Saturday night. The trespasser — who police believe was under the influence of drugs — gained access to the building after a security breach. Our engineer, Ralph Gaudino, bravely confronted and restrained the trespasser. He was treated at the hospital and released, and we are supporting him in every way possible. Tom McCarthy, Global Chief Security Officer for NBCUniversal and Brian Patton, Vice President, East Coast Security for NBCUniversal will be onsite on today for a full review with Metropolitan Police and Securitas, our independent security contractor.

We will be having conversations with employees over the next several days regarding this incident. We’re taking every step to ensure that a security breach does not happen again and will be reviewing all protocol and actions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Ken and Jackie

The Mirror requested a formal comment from a NBC spokesperson.

The NBC bureau is located at 4001 Nebraska Ave. NW.

Employees don’t seem to be too shaken up by the incident. The Mirror was told the newsroom was not affected since the intrusion happened in another part of the large building. “It’s something, but it was over before it started kind of thing,” a source said when asked if there has been a lot of chatter about it.

Baker is not the only naked man to enter reporters’ lives as of late.

There is also the notorious “Naked Cowboy” who wound up in a lot of news reporters during and after the election since he set up shop in Trump Tower by the elevators.

Unlike Baker, Naked Cowboy isn’t totally nude. He wears tight white briefs, a hat and cowboy boots and positions his guitar in front of his crotch to present the illusion of nakedness.