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Border Patrol Seizes Marijuana Catapult At AZ-Mexico Border Fence

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We’re gonna build a wall, and we’re gonna make Mexico pay for it. So those hombres gotta raise mucho dinero, pronto. And what’s a great way to make some quick cash? Sell weed! (Or so I’m told, I really wouldn’t know.)

Only one problem. How do you get the weed from Mexico to the people with the money to buy it? That’s where ciencia y ingenieria come in, mi amigo. Rafael Carranza, Arizona Republic:

U.S. Border Patrol said a catapult mounted to the Arizona-Mexico border fence, and used to throw bundles of marijuana across, is the first one of its kind that agents in the area have encountered…

“We’ve seen air cannon-powered cylinders; some even have engines attached to it,” [Tucson sector spokesman Vicente Paco] said. “We’ve seen slings with rubber bands, and we’ve seen people tossing [drugs] over, the size of footballs,” he said. “We’ve seen different types of launchers, but this specific design is [a] first.”

You might make jokes about how high that marijuana got, but that’s not funny. Drugs are bad. You shouldn’t smoke them, you shouldn’t sell them, and you definitely shouldn’t build an ingenious contraption to fling it over a border fence so Americans can get silly on it. Don’t do that.