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Conservative Commentator Gives Advice On Piercing The Liberal Mind [VIDEO]

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Bill Whittle is one of the most effective conservative speakers in America, and although he did not speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), The Daily Caller News Foundation pigeon-holed the star for an interview.

Whittle gave advice on how to pierce liberal mindlessness during the exclusive interview. He likes to first “get them out of their trenches,” by seeing if there is something we can agree on. Then, he helps them see his own reasonableness. Lastly, while regaling us with a couple of entertaining anecdotes, he demonstrates that their behavior is more conservative than they realize, using effective humor when possible.

Whittle offers insights on collectivists, who always seek to control others’ behaviors, even justifying violence at times, when asked about the left’s escalating, but increasingly unpopular, violence and disruption in President Donald Trump’s America.

Whittle considers himself an individualist, and says this group of people believe in the primacy of one human life. To him, collectivists are those who believe the needs of many outweigh the needs of one person. Collectivists, in which he lumps communists, socialists, and Nazis, are not happy if people are leading their own lives without proper guidance. They like telling people what to do.

Whittle believes modern leftists, who can’t accept the results of Trump’s election, tell themselves they are intellectually and morally “superior to the slobs out there in fly over country.” The tired “Russian hacking” narrative conveniently explains the electoral anomaly to them, he says.

As for the left’s name-calling and smearing, Whittle says it is “dangerous and disgusting.” Dangerous, he says, because by demonizing conservatives, they are legitimizing physical assaults on conservatives. Disgusting, he adds, because when they equate Trump with Adolf Hitler, they have “just mortally slandered those who were killed by the real Hitler.” He condemns the equating of having to hear an opinion you disagree with to the fingerprints left in concrete by those trying to escape World War II death camps.

Whittle offers sobering, but realistic, encouragement to conservatives sensing they can’t take a break from fighting for liberty. He says of the left, “they can win; we can lose. Entropy is on their side. It’s easier to take money, than make money. It’s easier to tax a business, than run a business. Democrats are giving away free candy, and Republicans are selling vegetables. Every single day we have to roll the boulder up the hill and our reward for this is we have another day where we have to do it again. If you can be ok with that, you can say, ‘not today, they didn’t knock our freedoms away today.’ And we’ve been doing that for 250 years.”

During this video interview, Whittle discusses two of his many popular videos — Three and ½ Days and Gaslighting.

Whittle explains that Democrats “gaslight,” a form of psychological manipulation to make people doubt reality, when they say Trump is not a legitimate president because the Russians hacked the election.

When it comes to the media, Whittle thinks Trump is like the boy from Hans Christian Anderson’s story who said the “emperor had no clothes.” With the news media, who is, according to Whittle, not conducting its role with fairness, their destruction at the masterful hands of Trump couldn’t happen to a better group of people, Whittle says.

Whittle has had a wide variety of jobs, giving him an uncanny breadth, since wanting to be a fighter pilot. For more on Whittle, go to, follow him on YouTube or follow him on Twitter @BillWhittle.

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