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Joan Walsh Is Boycotting Trump Speech And Assumes Regular People Care

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Joan Walsh is once again out-Joan Walshing herself.

In a major power move, the ultra-liberal national affairs correspondent for The Nation, announced that she is boycotting President Trump‘s first speech before Congress Tuesday night.

No matter that she’s also a TV pundit who could conceivably be asked to appear on a cable news panel or that she might want to offer her readers her hot take, Walsh is playing it stupid by not watching at all.

So far she has received 911 retweets and 447 likes.

Walsh’s feed reads like a highly emotional, all-female support group.

One woman confided that she’s going to yoga to try to “breathe through it.” Another said she had to tend to an ingrown toenail. Another said she is under doctor’s orders not to watch. Another will wash her hair. Another will clean her toilet with a toothbrush. Another would rather eat glass. Another will be sticking needles in her eyes. Another would rather show her breasts to strangers. Another would rather eat her own liver. And still another said she’d “rather get a root canal with no anesthetic than watch that mess.”