Pro-Hillary Super PAC: Voters Who Had ‘Soured’ On Trump May Now Give Him ‘A Second Look’

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A major Democratic super PAC that spent $130 million supporting Hillary Clinton says that voters who had “soured” on President Trump may now “give him a second look” after his highly praised speech to Congress on Tuesday.

“Following [Trump’s] address to Congress Tuesday that pundits graded as his most presidential moment to date, we cannot sit back and assume his numbers will stay dismal on their own all the way through 2018,” reads a memo from Priorities USA.

The group, which was founded in 2011 to support President Obama, recently hired several Clinton campaign officials, including spokesman Brian Fallon.

In the memo, which was published on social media by CNN reporter Eric Bradner, Priorities USA offered up 10-point checklist for Democratic operatives to use to combat Trump and to remind voters of what it claims are the Republican’s “broken promises” to the middle class.

Priorities USA said that while Trump “may have shifted his tone” with Tuesday’s speech, “he has not shifted his policies.” Pundits overwhelmingly praised Trump for his speech, which was tightly scripted and contained less of the fiery rhetoric that the former real estate mogul normally uses in such events.

The highlight of the night for Trump was the two-minute standing ovation he directed for Carryn Owens, the widow of Ryan Owens, the Navy SEAL killed during a raid in Yemen on Jan. 29.

CNN’s Van Jones, a longtime critic of Trump’s, called it one of “the most extraordinary moments” he’s seen on a political stage. (RELATED: Van Jones: Trump Became President With Navy SEAL Tribute)

Priorities acknowledged that Trump could receive a boost in momentum from the speech.

“Indeed, even as Trump courted unprecedented levels of controversy in his presidency’s opening weeks, most Trump voters have yet to show signs of any buyers’ remorse. And the style points Trump earned Tuesday night may have now cause[d] some voters who had soured on him to give him a second look,” reads the memo.

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