Mexico Releases Video Guidance Preparing Illegals For Possible Detention In The US

REUTERS/Ginnette Riquelme

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Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a video advising Mexican nationals living in the United States illegally about what to do if they are faced with immigration detention.

Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the Spanish-language video titled “Recommendations in Case of Immigration Detention” last month. The video details what Mexican illegal immigrants should do to prepare for possible detention. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released a translation of the video on Friday.


Set to peppy electronic music, the video includes seven steps, divided into two sections. The first section explains what illegal immigrants should do to “prepare in case of immigration detention.” These steps, according to CIS’ translation, include:

1.Elaborate an emergency plan: take care of your family especially minors. If they were born in the U.S.A., go to the nearest consulate and register them as Mexicans.

2. Research what documents you should always carry with you and keep a copy of all your documentation in a safe place.

3. If you require immigration guidance, go to your consulate, they will give you information about reliable lawyers.

4. Know your rights in case you are detained in your home, workplace, or on the street.

The video’s second section advises, “How to act in case of immigration detention.” According to a CIS translation, the video say:

5. If authorities come to your home:
– Do not run away.
– Do not open the door and stay calm.
– Do not reveal your immigration status.
– Ask what they are there for.
– Request an interpreter if you need it.
– Ask that they show you the warrant of arrest and/or removal through the  window, check that it has your name, address, and signature of the judge.
– If they do not have a court order you can refuse to let them in.

6. If the authorities enter your home without a warrant of arrest and/or removal: ask for names and badge numbers, tell them that you do not consent to the search.

7. If the authorities detain you:
– Remain silent.
– Do not reveal your immigration status.
– Ask to speak with your nearest Mexican consulate.
– Contact your lawyer.
– Don’t sign anything.
– Find out who arrested you.
– Request an interpreter if you need it.
– Do not lie.
– Do not hand in forged documents

President Donald Trump has promised to crack down on illegal immigration in the United States. The Trump administration has already taken steps to increase immigration enforcement, streamline the deportation process, and build the border wall.