Idaho School District Approves Measure Arming Teachers

Connor Moldo Contributor
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An Idaho school district passed a measure that permits trained teachers to carry a concealed weapon in a classroom setting, according to KREM News.

Board members of the Mountain View School District, which is about a four-hour drive north of Boise, Idaho, searched for methods to ensure the safety of their students while avoiding the financial drawback of hiring security guards.

Officials from the rural school district worry police officers would not respond fast enough in an emergency situation, so teachers will now be the first line of defense.

Teachers for the district can apply to become a “security guard,” but must be approved of all required documentation before taking the post. After being licensed for a concealed weapon, staff members will go through a series of mental and physical evaluations.

In any instance, school board officials have to ability to revoke their privileges to carry a firearm on school grounds.

Guns will be distributed to teachers by the school but must remain concealed or in a lock box at all times, unless there is a moment of imminent danger.

A similar bill was brought before another Idaho school board in 2013, but only 10 percent of people were in favor of the measure.