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Dan Rather Is Still Alive, Forming Sentences

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That’s the only new information I can find in the following “news story” from Mark Hensch at The Hill:

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather says President Trump’s administration is “in freefall” less than two months after the inauguration.

“The sheer level of paranoia that is radiating out of the White House is untenable to the workings of a republic,” he wrote on Facebook Monday.

That’s right. An 85-year-old man, who blew up his journalism career in 2004 over some fake documents in a failed attempt to take down a Republican president, just posted something on Facebook. And it’s news because… well, because he doesn’t like the current Republican president.

Meanwhile, Lucy Ramirez is still nowhere to be found, leaving poor Dan with no evidence that he was right all along. Sure, Robert Redford still believes him, but nobody cares.

But hey, as long as you hate all the people you’re supposed to hate, you’re guaranteed a career in journalism. You might fall from grace, you might not ever reach the same heights again, but you’re guaranteed a soft landing, a steady paycheck, and a lifetime appointment as Elder Statesman.

Brian Williams proves it, Keith Olbermann proves it, and Dan Rather sure as hell proves it.

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Jim Treacher