CIA Leaks: The Palace Eunuchs Have Exposed Themselves

Moses Apostaticus Freelance Writer
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The startling evidence contained in the Vault 7 CIA data dump by WikiLeaks confirms a pattern of evidence that has been piling up regarding the US intelligence establishment. There are rogue elements within the US intelligence agencies who seem to operate as a law unto themselves, even believing that they can determine who holds the presidency.

The constant and baseless narrative put forward in the media that President Trump is a Russian plant is part of this agenda. It is being driven by false intelligence and phony evidence sold to the public via the establishment media. It is not journalism. It is a centrally coordinated propaganda campaign carried out as part of a nefarious political agenda to destroy a presidency.

Regardless of what everyday Americans may think of President Trump’s style or of his allegations that President Obama spied on him, this truth has now become clear. There is a shadow government in this country, the tentacles of which spread at least across the intelligence agencies and the mainstream media. The coordination between them and their shared agenda is now too clear. If nothing else, the election of President Trump has revealed this reality to Americans.

Throughout history, officials and bureaucrats close to seats of power have sought to establish themselves as shadow governments away from public scrutiny. They can do this because rulers come and go, but they are forever. They know where the corpses are, and who put them there. Information, access and the dark arts of espionage and assassination are their tradecraft.

In the East, these shadow rulers were usually eunuchs. This prevented any scandalous paternity questions from destabilizing the state. In dynastic China, an entrance exam was required to ensure that this feudal ‘deep state’ was populated with the most talented and ambitious men. In Ottoman Turkey, they were often European boys abducted from families who had been unable to pay the Islamic jizya tax. Many of these men became masters of court intrigue, sometimes controlling even the sultan himself.

In postmodern America, the scale and scope of government dwarfs those premodern political systems. The president does not rely upon an informal espionage network for news of foreign developments. He is expected to rely upon daily briefings provided to him by the intelligence agencies that form part of the deep state apparatus.

Control over the information that is provided to the president makes these intelligence agencies enormously powerful. Combine this with the power of the mainstream media to control the information provided to the people of America, and the power is absolute. The nexus between the deep state intelligence mandarins and their collaborators in the media is where some of the most powerful palace eunuchs in America can be found. They are at the heart of the shadow government which has so mismanaged the affairs of state in this country.

This usurpation of power is not only unconstitutional. Lacking formal accountability, it has become toxic. Constitutional safeguards such as the separation of powers were intended to prevent tyranny emerging in America. What greater tyranny is there than an invisible government which acts with impunity?

The palace insiders in America today do not skulk around the court looking for gossip that can be used for blackmail. These days they staff the deep state bureaucracy that listens in on phone calls and hijacks electronic devices for the same purpose. That they are now revealed in seeking to remove a sitting president is destabilizing in the extreme. No ruler can tolerate his own palace eunuchs working against him, serving foreign interests and plotting his replacement. Heads must roll.

Palace eunuchs become especially powerful when the king is weak. This is why the deep state establishment in America has become too bold. It has been a long time since a true commander-in-chief inhabited the White House.

The problem for the eunuchs of the deep state is that they now serve a president who is determined to actually govern. President Trump has not been bought and paid for as a puppet of the oligarchs. He will not be tempted by the trappings and luxuries of the White House lifestyle; he has enjoyed better on his own merits throughout this life. He’s played enough golf with the glitterati. Now he wants to make his mark. This president wants to take hold of the helm of the ship of state and reverse its decades-long careening to the left. He wants to leave his imprint on history by restoring the sovereignty of the nation as an expression of the popular will.

The new king is not like the old kings. This one intends to rule. That has put him at odds with the palace eunuchs who have held the power now for so long that they are not willing to give it up without a fight.

Fortunately for President Trump, the American people are tuning out from the deep state propaganda in record numbers and are instead finding out for themselves how the deep state bureaucrats have been ruining the country. It is not the emperor who has no clothes this time, but the eunuchs. They stand naked and exposed before a citizenry that feels angry and disenfranchised. With every fresh revelation of their misbehavior and treason toward the president, their position becomes less and less secure.

They would do well to cease their destabilization of the president and remember another reason palace officials were historically eunuchs. They are easily replaced.