Hillary Supporters Are Cashing In On The Trump Protests

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New Yorkers, some who supported former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, are capitalizing on President Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election by selling merchandise at protests.

“I voted for Hillary, but I’m almost happy that Trump won,” 55-year-old Paul Rossen told the New York Post. “It’s given me a new economic opportunity.”

Exploitative people like Rossen are taking advantage of the protests that are addressing the political climate, and criticizing the Trump administration.

Rossen is just one of the several purveyors of related accessories and anti-Trump paraphernalia. He said he made $1,000 in profit in a single day by selling items like buttons, including a homemade one depicting Trump as infamous dictator Adolf Hitler and another as a pile of poop.

“I sold 500 anti-Trump buttons in just one day at the Women’s March [in January],” Sharon John, 60, told the New York Post. John sold “Not My President” badges and “pussy hats” Wednesday at the International Women’s day strike.

Manhattan resident John Carney, 59, uses Photoshop to create unique and altered images mocking Trump, including one of the president’s face on a baby’s body being held by Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“There’s nothing wrong with capitalism,” Rossen said, according to the New York Post. “If Trump’s supporters wanted to buy buttons favoring him, I would sell those.”

Perhaps he should since Trump-branded gear was selling so fast at one point that retailers couldn’t stock enough of the memorabilia in their stores.

And Trump isn’t the only one who’s been the victim of wearable derision. During Donald Trump’s official nomination at the Republican National Convention (RNC), tons of vendors offered anti-Hillary merchandise, some with extremely crude and bawdy references. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton Signals She’s Not Ready To Go Away)

One pin reportedly being sold at the RNC used the abbreviation “KFC” in red letters to make an offensive joke about Clinton called the “Hillary Special.” The button caused quite a stir, causing a spokesperson for the fried chicken fast food chain to clarify its neutral position during the presidential election, according to the Daily Mail.

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