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#NotAllMuslims Attack British Parliament

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Now we have a name.

International Business Times:

The suspect shot dead during a terror attack in Westminster is believed to be a notorious Islamist hate preacher thought to have been recently released from prison over terror-related offences.

Muslim convert Trevor Brooks, known as Abu Izzadeen, 41, is understood to have carried out the attack outside Parliament on Wednesday (22 March), which left three victims dead and 20 others injured…

Brooks was named as the suspected attacker by Channel 4 News.

As always, my condolences go out to the real victims: Muslims all over the world who had nothing to do with this terrible tragedy. Boo hoo.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the inevitable stories about Muslims fearing a backlash. And then the reports of “Islamophobic hate crimes,” which will turn out to be hoaxes.

Then everybody will go back to bickering about other stuff, until the next Islamic terror attack. This will all happen again, just in a different location with a different body count. And we’ll pretend to be surprised, all over again. We wouldn’t want to be racist, would we?

Je suis whatever.

P.S. Or maybe not…

If not, then I regret Channel 4’s error.