This Shirt Is Not For The Haters And The Losers

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The Daily Dealer Contributor
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The message of this shirt is simple: “We Won.” This shirt was designed for the winners in America who put President Donald Trump over the finish line in November. This shirt was designed for the regular Americans who have to put up day in and day out with a dishonest media and maybe even delusional neighbors.

“We Won” Shirts — $20

On November 8, Donald Trump won 306 electoral votes to become President of the United States. Why? Because his voters are winners. Even when faced with adversity, Trump supporters knew what the country needed. And so they went out and made it happen. Giving up was not an option. So you did not give up. Instead, you won. Don’t be afraid to show it.

The limited edition “We Won” shirt will not be available forever. Get yours today, before it is too late.