A Most “Un-Civil” War

Joe Alton Contributor
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The deep political divisions that have plagued the nation during the 21st Century have been compared to the Civil War of the 19th century. This Civil War, however, is most “un-civil.”

The war between the North and South is, perhaps, mischaracterized as a civil war. In a civil war, two factions are battling for control of a single government. The South, having no interest in dominion over Lincoln’s government, seceded instead to form their own. A better example would be the English Civil War of the 17th Century, where Royalists and Puritans fought for dominance.

The English Civil War ended with the beheading of the king. The current un-civil war has, for the left, a similar goal: the political beheading of the President. Its strategy is to cast him as a mean-spirited dictator, and incite public hatred against him specifically, and conservatives in general. A similar argument was used to demonize George W. Bush. This strategy even extends to Trump’s family, all the way down to his 10 year old son.

To be effective, an un-civil war must be a culture war. The Democrats and the press (one and the same?) must paint every political stance, every program, indeed, every idea of the administration and the Republican-led Congress as evil. By doing so, they put forth the view that any agreement or compromise with the government is a deal with the Devil.

This strategy hasn’t worked lately to win elections, but it has been successful in promoting the virtues of tribal identity over American identity. Disregard on the part of leftist judges for national borders has led to masses of immigrants willing to show their gratitude by voting en masse for Democrats. Media and academic complicity in this strategy is producing a generation of social warriors not seen since the 1960s.

The result is coastal and urban spheres of influence for the left where their dominance is pervasive. So pervasive, in fact, that Democrat politicians are emboldened to defy federal authority any time it fails to support their agenda. Sanctuary cities, for example, are so at odds with the rest of the nation that they represent a de facto secession.

If it were only that simple. Secessionists like some in California may just want to be left alone to pursue their dystopian vision, but the ;eft wants to control the direction of the country. If they can’t do it with elected officials, they’ll use the press, unelected bureaucrats, judges, and even celebrities to do their dirty work. With troops like these, is there a doubt as to who will eventually win the culture war?

The left angrily demands your submission, not to western values, but to their perception of “what’s just.” Their approach is to obnoxiously shame you into accepting their line of thought. They don’t have to convince everyone, just enough to sow division among conservatives on each issue. The Democrats and the Press are united in this purpose. It’s time for Republicans to realize that they are at war, and it’s a most un-civil one. If they don’t face the opposition in a united manner, it’s a war they will certainly lose.