Trudeau Liberals Looking To Automatically Approve Some Refugees

REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Canada’s Liberal government is moving toward the sleeker but potentially catastrophic refugee screening process that could automatically approve refugee status for many asylum seekers and illegals that have been coming across the border.

The Trudeau government plans to introduce legislation that allow refugee claimants to bypass some of the screening and vetting procedures — even if they are arriving from potentially dangerous and strife-ridden countries.

Senior sources are telling the Toronto Sun that the legislation will allow the Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) to provide blanket approval of refugees if they are coming from countries that have historically enjoyed a high success rate with refugee approval.

The sources are only identified as former senior officials in the Canadian department of immigration, refugees and citizenship and have apparently spoken out because of concerns for national security.

Some examples of the countries included in this list are Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea — all countries that are currently internal strife and have weak governments. The IRB even posted information about the fast-tracking process on its website last month:

“As a result of rapidly increasing refugee claims, global instability and a backlog of new refugee claims, the IRB will be changing its approach for scheduling RPD (Refugee Protection Division) hearings beginning at the end of March 2017,” the notice states.

It further directs that “certain claims identified by the RPD as straight forward will be scheduled for a short hearing.”

One of the sources for this story told the Toronto Sun that “certain claims may be approved without a hearing” and simply processed as a “paper-based only” application with a minimum of interviews, or none a all.

The result will be that “Countries which have an acceptance rate at the RPD of approximately 80 percent or higher will be the first to be considered for inclusion in the new short hearing process.”

But some of the countries that have historically high rates of refugee acceptance are the same countries that could potentially be exporting terrorists and war criminals. It is not clear how the new process will account for that variable.

The unnamed sources say this bureaucratic disconnect raises grave concerns about potentially catastrophic lapses in national security as asylum seekers are moved through the immigration and refugee system without essential investigative questions being asked.

Another immigration official, who is currently working within the department, spoke to the Sun on the condition of anonymity, saying he was “uncomfortable” with the new rules because “some bad dudes come from these countries.”

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