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Wisconsin ‘News’ Station Sues Pranksters For Being Funny

A few years ago, an actor named Mark Proksch (Better Call Saul, Son of Zorn) did a series of Andy Kaufman-esque pranks that proved just how desperate local TV stations can be to fill airtime. He’d go around to various midwest morning “news” shows, posing as a yo-yo master named “Kenny ‘K-Strass’ Strasser.” The bit was that K-Strass had no idea what he was doing, with a yo-yo or anything else, and he’d see how long he could bumble around and spout nonsense before the baffled, mortified local “news” people cut him off. Here’s what that looked like:

It’s kinda mean to do that to those well-meaning “news” folks, but that’s what they get for doing no fact-checking whatsoever.

Now, one of the guys behind the K-Strass character has teamed up with another prankster to put a new twist on the formula. This time the bit is a strong-man duo called “Chop & Steele,” whose feats of strength are not at all impressive. They’re not quite at the K-Strass level, but it’s still pretty funny if you like that sort of thing:

Well, one station doesn’t see the humor in it and is taking these guys to court. Pioneer Press:

The people behind Atlanta-based Gray Television, which owns WEAU-TV, filed a federal lawsuit this month in New York against The Found Footage Festival, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, all of New York.

Using fake names and materials, the “defendants fraudulently induced Gray Television station WEAU … to book their appearance for a live interview on its flagship morning program ‘Hello Wisconsin,’ ” according to the complaint.

This seems like a bad idea. Sure, it’s embarrassing to get taken in by a couple of clowns, but now they’ve made it a national story. Now everybody knows how much WEAU stinks. More like PEAU, right? And it’s giving these dudes more publicity, which is exactly what they want.

C’mon, guys, take a joke. Or do a better job of booking your guests.

(Hat tip: not that Stephen Miller)

P.S. The guy behind “Steele” is also an experienced prankster. Turbo Gravy, anyone?