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Viewers Are Clamoring For More ‘Morning Joe’ Without Joe And Mika


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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When the cat’s away, the mice may do so well that there’s no need for the cat to return.

Wait. That isn’t how that expression goes.

Except it is does appear to be what happened when Joe Scarborough whisked his TV co-host girlfriend Mika Brzezinski away for a long weekend after calling her “rude” and “snotty” for getting in what he called a “cheap shot” on air.

Scarborough apologized to her on Twitter while making her out to be a man-beater.

The couple was still not back on “Morning Joe” on Monday. They’ve been off air since Thursday. Their TV son Willie Geist has stepped in seamlessly to helm the show. On Monday he had backup support from Mike Barnicle, and MSNBC political analysts Elise JordanMark Halperin and John Heilemann.

Scar-Zinski are reportedly returning Tuesday.

But many viewers were relieved by their absence and see it a pleasant surprise.

“Hey @MSNBC @Morning_Joe  is better without Joe and Mika,” Kyle Hodgkins remarked on Twitter. “Appreciate you, @WillieGeist.”

Linda Hanson Culp agreed: “How about @WillieGeist and @Kasie to replace Joe and Mika on #morningjoe.”

Charles Davis did, too. “#morningjoe #msnbc  Joe and Mika both on vacation today. The show is now watchable.”

Janice Prichett seriously asked “Morning Joe” why the show allows him to “abuse” Mika.

“How do I formally complain about how Joe Scarborough abuses Mika?” she asked the show. “Why does she tolerate this? Its disgusting and horrible model.”

Thomas Stokan was unrelenting in his support for the show with Joe and Mika. “Another great program today with Willie as HOST,” he wrote Monday morning. “Make him the host and let go of the old married couple of Mika and Joe.”

Another fan of “Morning Joe” sans Joe and his sidekick is @NoLiesLizzy, who is ecstatic that the TV couple is on Spring break. “Enjoying @WillieGeist while Joe and Mika out on mid week vacation that doesn’t seem to be ending,” she wrote. “Using Oreilly travel agent? #morningjoe.”

Bonnie Bailey is also having a good morning. “Best Morning Joe ever today, minus Joe and Mika!” the retired USDA employee exclaimed Monday morning.

Self-described filmmaker and editor Jerry Barrett is delighting in the couple being absent: “Morning Joe on MSNBC: With Joe and Mika on vacation today, we’re watching meaningful, intelligent political conversations.”

The Raptor begrudgingly declared the show better without them.

“I hate to say it but when Joe and Mika take the day off @Morning_Joe the show is in good hands with @WillieGeist #morningjoe,” he said.

Even stretchdogg is sick of the couple’s sometime caustic banter. “Stopped watching a good show, because I can no longer stand the by-play between the two,” he wrote.

The vacation from his MSNBC program didn’t stop Scarborough from bashing President Trump.

On Monday morning, he addressed Trump’s weekend interview with CBS “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson, saying, “Rambling to Jon [sic] Dickerson is equally concerning. His speech is even more rambling and incoherent than before. It is getting worse.”

Brzezinski backed her boyfriend.

“Just stop talking Mr. President- An average 4.9 lies a day,” she wrote on Twitter Monday morning linking to a story in The Washington Post. “President Trump’s first 100 days: The fact check tally. “