Gutfeld: Trump Could Get Jong-un Chanting ‘Lock Her Up’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Greg Gutfeld praised President Trump’s negotiation skills on Monday night, proposing that if Trump actually met with Kim Jong-un he could have him “wearing a red hat and saying ‘lock her up.'”

The host of Fox News’ “The Five” made the point that many didn’t like Barack Obama’s “apology tour” to countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt “because we didn’t trust him as a negotiator.”

Conversely, Gutfeld believes Trump “could indulge the same ideas, but you go, ‘I think he could probably wrap Kim around his finger if he wanted to.”

“So you think maybe by the end of a meeting with Kim, he’ll be wearing a red hat and saying ‘lock her up,'” Gutfeld said to the laughter of co-host Dana Perino.

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