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Sean Spicer Mentions TV Reporter’s Wedding And The Whole Thing Is So Awkward

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer congratulated CNN correspondent Sara Murray on her recent nuptials at a White House press briefing Tuesday.

And the whole thing was so damn awkward.

The wedding between Murray and Garrett Haake near Austin, Texas transpired on April 22.

Haake is a correspondent for MSNBC, which is a fierce CNN competitor.

Spicer seemed to be trying to lighten things up.

Murray was polite but clearly looked uneasy and quickly moved on to a hard line of questioning for Spicy.

“Ahh thank you very much,” she managed, before diving into serious matters.

The TV couple turned up on after just three days of married. The site doesn’t seem to know too much about the couple aside from their names, hair color and astrological signs., meanwhile, discusses her “hot and lovely figure” that they called “voluptuous.” The writeup does call Haake “good-looking” but focuses on Murray.

Murray and Haake registered at Bloomingdales and Anthropologie, according to