Hillary’s Campaign Manager Thinks She Might Have Kept Comey [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Robby Mook would not even entertain the question Wednesday morning of whether or not Hillary Clinton would’ve fired James Comey, reminding everyone she “wasn’t elected president.”

Stephanie Ruhle brought Clinton’s former campaign manager on her MSNBC show to ask, “Would Hillary Clinton have fired James Comey?”

“You know, Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected president of the United States, Donald Trump was,” Mook said. “This is a classic example of how the Trump administration is trying to get us to…re-litigate the campaign.”

Ruhle laughed and said she is not a member of the Trump administration, and asked Mook the question again.

“I honestly have no clue,” Mook said with a smirk.

“You know, we were running a campaign, we were focused on winning votes, and this discussion never came up and we never frankly had the opportunity because she wasn’t elected to make these sorts of considerations,” Mook explained.


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