Samantha Bee: ‘Laughable’ That Ivanka Is A Role Model [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Samantha Bee tore into Ivanka Trump and her new book Wednesday night, calling it “laughable” that Trump believes she is a role model for women.

Bee sounded incredibly resentful about the fact that Ivanka is rich and white, although Bee is obviously white herself.

“Ivanka Trump is of course white. She’s so white, that she thanks four people named Bara, Tamara, Dara, and Lara,” Bee joked. “Which sounds like a millennial version of the Heathers.”

“If you were raised working poor like me,” Bee said, “this book will inspire you. Specifically, it will inspire you to challenge the next rich woman you see to a broken beer bottle fight.”


At one point, Samantha Bee aggressively turns the pages of the book and then throws it on the ground.

“Look, Ivanka is smart, polished, hardworking. I truly believe that if she hadn’t been Donald Trump’s daughter she still would have been one of the more successful realtors in the southwest Tampa area.”

“But her belief that she’s a role model is laughable,” Bee concluded.

The full segment lasted for over seven minutes.

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