Sasse: ‘A Lot That’s Scary’ About Comey Memo

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse thinks there is “a lot here that’s really scary” regarding the Comey memo, but has reiterated calls to see all of Comey’s notes.


During a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt Wednesday, Sasse said that “there’s so much we don’t know yet” about the allegations that Trump asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn, but he is concerned nonetheless.

“But just the fundamental alleged facts in there, it’s obviously inappropriate for any president to be trying to interfere with an investigation…So there’s a lot here that’s really scary,” he said.

However, Sasse also believes Comey should have brought up any meetings with Trump during his testimony on May 3 and thinks the next step is to obtain all of Comey’s notes and recordings.

“You saw a bunch of people, both parties, frankly, sprint to the cameras last night to try to comment on things that we don’t often know much about,” he criticized. “In the same way that you shouldn’t try to govern America tweet storm to tweet storm, you shouldn’t try to exercise oversight in America hot take to hot take.”

“So I want to go slowly about the way we talk about this, but fundamentally, I do think all of Director Comey’s notes, and I think all, any and all tapes that exist in the White House, ought to all be turned over.”

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