Whoopi Goldberg Says Trump Presidency Is Killing Her Bladder Control [VIDEO]

Mike Raust Video Editor
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Comedienne and Hillary supporter Chelsea Handler appeared on Monday’s episode of “The View,” mostly to talk about Trump and co-host Whoopi Goldberg shared how the president is hurting her personally. (RELATED: Chelsea Handler Breaks Down In Tears While Discussing Hillary Clinton’s Loss)

“I know it’s a very scary, dangerous time, but you have to take as much enjoyment out of [Trump’s presidency] as you possibly can,” Handler said.

“You were just down in Washington,” said Goldberg. “What are they saying?”

“They’re pretty, like, scared,” replied Handler. “Everybody just doesn’t understand what’s happening… every time I think it’s the end, it’s not.”

This is when Whoopi got raw. “It’s like a horror/sci-fi movie. You’re living your life and suddently, there’s the monster! And it’s just like ‘OH!’ And your panties are wet…”

The broadcast was momentarily muted after she said “wet,” leaving us to wonder what she said next, but Handler was quick to remind her that deriving sexual pleasure from this presidency is unacceptable.

“For the wrong reasons,” Handler qualified. “Not for what you’re implying. For the opposite reason.”

Then she decided to give Melania big-league marriage advice. “I have a fantasy, like, I want Melania just to finally just come out, divorce him… she would be an American hero. We would embrace her if she just said, ‘Listen. This guy’s disgusting and I know all of his dirty secrets and I’m willing to tell everybody.'”

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