John Kasich Meets 2 Chainz, Acts Like A Dork [VIDEO]

Mike Raust Video Editor
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When Ohio’s favorite pancake-eater, nomination-loser, and Republican governor John Kasich joined “The View” as a co-host Wednesday, he came off a bit dorky when he met chart-topping rapper 2 Chainz, who for his part was intent on bragging big-league.

“I think it’s important for me to use my platform and… implement some type of action,” he said. “I don’t have any stories of somebody coming back when I was young and coming to my neighborhood and playing football, and dropping of U-Hauls full of furniture and paying bills up to someone who’s really in need.”

This was in reference to acts of charity he himself has performed, but he wouldn’t stop there. 2 Chainz, birth name Tauheed Epps, made sure the audience knew he was not only a saint, but a success as well. “I’m selling merch, I’m doing tours around the world, I’m just being very successful.”

Kasich then related to 2 Chainz his passion for other musicians and rappers, which is basically like telling Paul McCartney you appreciate the work of Mick Jagger.

“Wow. You know, uh, 2 Chainz, I’ve been friends with Bono for a long time, and he uses his platform to do many great things around the world, so it’s great to hear you do it as a rapper. Now let’s talk about music just for a second, so you’ve worked with Lil Wayne, you’ve worked with Kanye. My daughters and I used to really love to listen to Kanye.”

This is when Kasich apparently tried to ascertain how one could “get” the voluptuous Nicki Minaj “to do this.”

“You worked with, uh, you worked with Nicki Manaj who seems to be working with everybody, including Ariana Grande. So first of all, how do you pick who you want to collaborate with, and secondly, is it hard to get some of these folks, I mean to get, you know, Nicki Minaj, is it hard to get them to do this with you?”

2 Chainz then answered the Ohio governor’s question as he thanked God and Lil Wayne in equal measure.

“Nicki and I have been friends probably for maybe a decade now. We met through Lil Wayne, who’s a great friend of mine, who, besides God and a few other situations, I attest [to] Lil Wayne for me being in this position I’m in now.”

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