Op-Ed Blames Black Men For Letting White Women Appropriate Black Culture

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Black men should be held responsible for white women taking black culture and using it for their own gain, a Wednesday op-ed argued.

George M. Johnson, writing for the Grio, used pop singer Katy Perry’s latest single with black rap group Migos as a starting point for his argument. Black men, like Migos, are partly to blame for helping white women steal from black culture, Johnson argued.

“Although this theft of the culture is becoming more normal as a trend for white women, it is surprisingly coming with the assistance of black men in the industry, who seem willing to turn a blind eye to the appropriation for the right amount of money,” Johnson wrote in reference to Katy Perry’s latest music video, which features heavy elements of black dance and culture.

Too many black men have helped white pop stars like Iggy Azalea and Miley Cyrus make millions from taking aspects of black music and life, Johnson warned.

“Black men’s defense of white women is dangerous, as it devalues our culture and leaves it unprotected when these same white women go back to their own and diminish it as a ‘phrase’,” Johnson said. “Time and time again we have seen black men in the music industry defend problematic white women, who they have welcomed into our space with open arms.”

Johnson urged black men to stop participating in a “modern day blackface.”

“The question is: when will black men in the industry step up and stop allowing the appropriation? Our culture can no longer be a commodity. We have come too far to lose it all for the appeasement of white woman in the modern day of blackface,” Johnson finished.

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