Woman Jumps On Car To Prevent Carjacking [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A woman who jumped on the hood of her car to prevent a carjacking told CNN Thursday that when she saw her car being stolen she thought, “I’m not dealing with this sort of crap today.”

Melissa Smith was pumping gas into her SUV Tuesday when a man jumped into the driver’s seat and tried to drive away. Smith responded by jumping onto the hood and screaming at the carjacker like a total maniac.

Eventually, the carjacker gave up and ran into a nearby getaway car, leaving Smith to regain control of her vehicle.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin brought Smith on for an interview to explain what she was thinking when she jumped on the car.

“If I held onto the side I knew he could just drag me and leave, but with me on top…I don’t know, it was just, ‘this is what I’m doing, you are not leaving with my car, I am not dealing with this sort of crap today,'” Smith explained.

“When I first saw him and hopped on my car, I thought, ‘this is not happening to me today, I am not dealing with this.'”


She admitted it “wasn’t the safest thing to do,” but said she “doesn’t tolerate that kind of behavior.”

Later in the interview, Smith said the carjacker was laughing at her while she was pounding on the windshield and yelling, but she clearly got the last laugh.

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