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NSA Leakers Offer Monthly Leak Subscription Service

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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National Security Agency leakers calling themselves the ShadowBrokers declared Tuesday morning a further description about the subscription service they have to release stolen NSA documents, The Hill reported.

According to The Hill, the documents leaked by the mysterious group were snatched in 2013 and began to be released last summer—particularly the Windows hacking tools used in the recent global ransomware attacks.

The ShadowBrokers suggest in an online post that to partake in the “Wine of the Month” club for new NSA leaks, participants should send a 100 ZCash, a digital monetary exchange similar to bitcoin. Each ZCash coin is said to equal $230 per piece, bringing the subscription price to $23,000. However, the ShadowBrokers caution that ZCash is not necessarily safe and reliable.

“If you caring about loosing [sic] $20k+ Euro then not being for you. Monthly dump is being for high rollers, hackers, security companies, OEMs, and governments. Playing ‘the game’ is involving risks,” the ShadowBrokers said.

ShadowBrokers say they will not describe their releases in advance of the actual leaks and have not decided the exact date of when the leaks will happen.

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