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Bernie Sanders Got Almost $800K To Write Some Crappy Book

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For a guy who rants about the evils of capitalism and free markets every day of his life, Bernie Sanders sure won’t say no when somebody throws him a bunch of money.

Elana Schor, Politico:

Sen. Bernie Sanders snagged a $795,000 advance last year for his book “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In,” according to his personal financial disclosure…

The Vermont newspaper Seven Days first reported the details of Sanders’ disclosure, released Sunday after he obtained an extension of the deadline for all lawmakers to publicly share broad outlines of their personal finances. The newspaper noted that Sanders’ income topped $1 million last year, when his Senate salary is added to the income he reported.

Wow, there are more zeroes in his paycheck than at one of his rallies. Hating everything about America is a lucrative industry. Bernie owns three homes, presumably because he’s too busy yelling at you for living your life to go house-hunting for a fourth. What a rotten old hypocrite.

And he still would’ve been a better candidate than Hillary!