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Brian Williams Is Adopting President Trump’s Dramatic Hand Gestures

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It has been a long week.

That’s the only reasonable explanation I can fathom for why MSNBC anchor Brian Williams is now unintentionally mimicking the Italian hand gestures of President Trump.

Sure…he does some dumb things every once in awhile — I could be referring to either Williams or Trump — but in this case, I’m talking about Williams, who in April condescended to Rachel Maddow during the network’s coverage of the U.S. missile strike in Syria. Williams thanked Maddow for visiting the newscast, which happened to be her show. “Thanks for visiting tonight,” he said preposterously. “Glad you were a part of our coverage.”

NYP‘s “Page Six” reported that Williams was “rebuked” by MSNBC Prez Phil Griffin for it. The pub also pointed out that Williams “made a moron of himself” by hilariously calling the bombs “beautiful.”

But now…Williams is maybe morphing into Trump?

What’s next for Williams? A fresh exotic bird’s nest Trump hairdo?