CEOs Give Trump Big, Fat ‘F’ In Yale Survey

Trump hard hat construction Getty Images/Mark Lyons

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A poll conducted at a recent Yale CEO Summit shows that half of the bigwigs and business executives in attendance think Donald Trump’s presidency has been a failure so far.

An additional 21 percent gave Trump’s leadership a ‘D,’ according to CNN Money.

One percent of the 125 participants at the Yale confab — which means pretty much exactly one participant — awarded Trump an ‘A’ grade for his 146-day-old presidency.

The roster of attendees at the invitation-only Yale CEO Summit — held earlier this month at the New York Public Library — included corporate executives as well as various business executives and government officials. Eighty percent of the guests were CEOs.

Notable attendees of the powwow were Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, and Steve Schwarzman, CEO of The Blackstone Group. Both Rometty and Schwarzman are members of Trump’s business advisory council.

Ken Frazier, the CEO of Merck & Co. and a member of Trump’s manufacturing jobs initiative, also appeared at the conference.

The Yale CEO Summit did not release the individual grades given by Rometty, Schwarzman, Frazier or anybody else who attended.

Yale School of Management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who organized the Yale CEO Summit, said the CEOs in attendance want Trump to govern more conventionally.

“Stop the random 3 a.m. tweets and stop the needless brushfires diverting from the agenda,” Sonnenfeld encapsulated.

“This was not a granola-eating crowd of Democrat entrepreneurs,” the professor also said. “It’s a cross-section of the business community, including some who are quite pro-Trump.”

The Yale CEO Summit survey also found that a huge majority of the attendees — 86 percent — believe Trump isn’t sufficiently serious about Russia’s attempts to influence U.S. politics.

Less than half of the business leaders surveyed believe Trump’s proposed corporate tax reforms will ever become a reality.

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