Joy Ann Reid Blames GOP For Divisive Rhetoric [VIDEO]

(MSNBC: June 18, 2017)

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid had the gall to blame Republicans for divisive rhetoric just a day after she took cheap shots at shooting victim Rep. Steve Scalise.

On her show Saturday, Reid alleged that Scalise, who has undergone multiple surgeries after being shot at the GOP baseball practice, may be a racist and a homophobe. (RELATED: Steve Scalise Can’t Defend Himself But MSNBC Is Back To Attacking Him Anyway)

“Because he is in jeopardy and everybody is pulling for him, are we required in a moral sense to put that aside in the moment?” Reid asked.

Reid started the 11 a.m. EDT hour of “AM Joy” Sunday by accusing Republicans of being hypocrites when they called for “toned down rhetoric” after the GOP shooting.

“The GOP’s leader is a president who, just a day after the shooting, was back to attacking Democrats on Twitter,” Reid said. “It didn’t take long for the very real political divisions to reappear.”


Reid also seemed to allege during a discussion with Republican strategist Evan Siegfried that the left is justified in calling the GOP “insensitive,” “evil,” and “the Taliban” because they want to cut federal spending.

Eric Boehlert, a senior fellow at Media Matters, continued the attack on the right wing, arguing, “Nobody from Fox is trying to step back the tone, nobody at Fox is saying, ‘hey, let’s be responsible.'”

“If these Republicans are so upset about tone, where were they when a reporter was body slammed?” Boehlert asked.

Siegfried clearly became fed up with the constant trashing from Reid and her guests.

“They were putting out statements saying it was wrong!” he corrected, pointing out that multiple members of the GOP condemned Gianforte’s body slam. “What planet are you on?”


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