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Bath Time: An Evolving D.C. Social Scene; Jay Z’s Answers Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ With ‘4:44’

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A New Social Hub Of D.C. – Since President Trump arrived at the White House, long-time D.C. socialites have retreated into their pretentious, scandalmongering bubbles, showing no interest in mingling with the likes of Trump’s posse.

Georgetown used to be a social haven where everyone was friends and if you ran into friends at the small brunch place on the corner you sure as hell were gonna sit down and chat with her over your shared love for the food network and ideological affinities. You would boast about your dinner plans with the President’s advisors, who would be equally delighted over their expanding social web.

Today, we’re seeing a different kind of Georgetown though. One where people are turned off by the hotbed of controversy that shadows Trump’s administration. The White House is equally disinterested in the trivial fraternizing with the people of D.C.

“I think you are going to need a very strong blender to mix the Washington community with the Trump crowd, and I don’t think it’s going to end up being a smoothie,” Washington Post journalist Sally Quinn told Politico Magazine. “A friend of mine said, ‘It’s the end of small talk in Washington.’”

This is how the old social elites see it. Ironically, they don’t realize that the social scene of D.C. is still very much intact, it just doesn’t involve them anymore. Trump is basically replacing one set of elites for another, the latter being people who align with the Trump Hotel. These people are doing just what the old did; They are getting lunch with the President’s team and mingling, but at the new heart of D.C.: the Trump Hotel.

“There was kind of a class snobbery about Georgetown, but there’s now more of a moralistic fervor of each side is thinking the other is somehow immoral,” historian Evan Thomas told the magazine. Read here.

WILDCARD: The dreaded A word, Adultery –  For all the cheaters, or prospective cheaters, out there, don’t worry you still have a chance to purge yourself of the guilt.

You’re not alone. In fact, about one in five Americans cheat,  reports  GQ. By no means does that makes it okay, but don’t feel like you’ve dug your grave and are waiting to be buried in shame.

If you haven’t cheated yet then my advice is simple: Don’t do it. Ask yourself why you’re considering it? What led to you feeling this way? Once you can answer that question, it’s time to open up the conversation to your significant other. Yeah this will probably be about as awkward as a 15-story elevator ride with your ex, but it could ultimately save you a lot of emotional distress.

If you have already cheated then my advice is also simple: Grow a pair and own it. The deed is done so now you have to fess up and reason with yourself why you did it. Maybe you don’t regret it. If that’s the case, then at least have the integrity to set your partner free. You owe them that. Or maybe you do regret it. You can let the grief ooze into your conscious or be straight up and lay it all on the table.

Cheating is not a be all end all. You still have the chance to patch things up, but that starts with being honest and giving your relationship the chance to heal. You’d be surprised how far an apology and some expensive gifts can go. Don’t let one decision decide your fate.

And remember, we’re probably all going to hell anyway.

When In Doubt, Sing It Out – Why talk to your spouse when you can just release an album?

That’s what Jay Z pretty much said when he dropped his 13th album titled “4:44” around midnight on Thursday. The album, which has 10 songs, is believed to be in response to his wife Beyonce’s most recent album, “Lemonade.” Queen B used “Lemonade” to talk about the hardships their marriage faced in light of cheating accusations.

The number “4” has great significance to the rapper for several reasons. Both his and Beyonce’s birthdays fall on the 4th day of the month, the two were married on April 4th (4/4) and the couple’s close friend was 44th President, Barack Obama, USAToday reported.

In “4:44,” Jay Z makes references to his new-born twins, frenemie Kayne West, O.J. Simpson, his sister-in-law Solange Knowles and most importantly, the cheating allegations on his wife, ENews reported.

For a full breakdown of the album, read here.