MSNBC Asks Mark Sanford If Trump’s Tweets Are Sexist [VIDEO]

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

MSNBC host Craig Melvin decided to ask Republican South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford, who was the subject of a major cheating scandal, if he finds Trump’s “Morning Joe” tweets to be sexist.

While serving as governor of South Carolina, Sanford mysteriously disappeared for six days before he was caught returning to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sanford revealed he had been having an extramarital affair with an Argentinian woman for at least a year and had “crossed the lines” with other women during his 20-year marriage.

Melvin apparently thought Sanford might be a good person to ask if he thinks Trump’s tweets — which mocked MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski for allegedly getting a face lift — are offensive and sexist.

Interestingly, the South Carolina Republican declined to say if the tweets are sexist but mentioned his ex-wife in his answer.

“It’s just offensive period,” Sanford said. “In terms of the messages my former wife and I try to teach our four boys, it doesn’t fit with what people would want to see.”


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