The Love And Lament Of Lindsay Lohan [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo: Reuters)

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As Lindsay Lohan approaches her 31st birthday, a moment of reflection should be observed to reminisce on the many chapters of her life.

Starting at age three, Lohan appeared in a variety of commercials and eventually made her debut in acting in 1996, according to IMDB.

Two years later, Lohan made a name for herself when she appeared in one of her most beloved roles in “The Parent Trap.” Twelve years old at the time, she received multiple awards and nominations for her work in the film in which she played twin sisters.

In 2004, Lohan gifted the world with her role as Cady Heron in “Mean Girls.” The movie made a deep impression on popular culture, as writer Tina Fey riddled the script with relatable social commentary.

However, in 2007 a new Lohan surfaced that was far from the precious twins she presented nine years before. According to E! News Online, this November will mark the 10-year anniversary since Lohan was arrested for the first time.

In honor of her July 2 birthday, here are photos that chronicle the many levels of Lohan.