Skip Bayless Debating Himself On Aaron Rodgers Is Hysterical

Skip Bayless (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube ESPN First Take)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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An edited video surfaced online Thursday of FS1 host Skip Bayless debating himself when he worked at ESPN.

The topic of debate for the “Undisputed” host was the greatness of Aaron Rodgers and it seems that Bayless, who used to host “First Take” on ESPN, has gone through a massive conversion regarding whether or not Rodgers is an elite quarterback.

The current Bayless seems to believe that nobody is better than Rodgers. The cutup of Bayless’ former self seems to think the former NFL MVP is a bum.


Bayless is highly entertaining, but the reality of the situation is that he will say just about anything to get ratings. This video is perfect proof of that fact.

He is arguing both extremes and those arguments are only years apart. Ironically, Rodgers has been on a slight decline since Bayless moved to Fox Sports, and somehow he now thinks Rodgers got better.

Now we just need a video of Bayless debating himself on Lebron James. That might honestly break the internet.

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