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Americans Are Sick Of Trump’s Tweeting, And It Doesn’t Matter

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I don’t like Donald Trump’s tweeting habits. I don’t like a lot of the other stuff he does either. I don’t find the behavior that he calls “MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL” to be presidential at all. But I’ve also been paying attention for the past couple of years, and here’s a little something I’ve noticed: It doesn’t really matter what I like and don’t like.

That’s why I doubt polls like the following are going to change anything one way or another. Gary Langer, ABC News:

Americans are highly disapproving of President Donald Trump in personal terms, with his tweeting habit a major irritant: Seventy percent say he’s acted in an unpresidential manner since taking office, 68 percent don’t see him as a positive role model and 67 percent disapprove of his use of Twitter…

Trump’s behavior comes in for some criticism even in his own camp. Nearly four in 10 Republicans, 38 percent, say his conduct has been unpresidential rather than “fitting and proper” for a president.

In an open-ended question, negative personal attributes — rather than policy positions — are most mentioned as the top complaints by people who disapprove of Trump: acting inappropriately (13 percent), being ill-informed (12 percent) and making false statements (also 12 percent).

I didn’t like it when Obama acted inappropriately, was ill-informed, and made false statements, and I said so. I also don’t like it when Trump does the same crap. I’m told this makes me a cuck and a traitor. Oh well.

So you know what this poll means: Trump is going to do all this stuff even more, and people are going to yell about it even more loudly, and it’s going to matter even less. Running around doing whatever the hell he wants has worked out bigly for Trump so far. Why would he quit now?

Besides, this is ABC and it’s fake news, blah blah blah. ABC is ISIS! Stop thinking for yourself and just #MAGA already.