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De Blasio Boots Bums Off Subway

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

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NYC’s crumbling subways are a national laughingstock. America’s daily supply of schadenfreude is more than exceeded with every viral pic of subway stations jampacked with sweaty, miserable New Yorkers. It’s great. Ha ha!

But at least there’s one New Yorker who’s guaranteed a pleasant ride of the subway. Shawn Cohen, Larry Celona, Priscilla DeGregory, Michael Gartland and Bruce Golding (!), NY Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio ventured into the city’s decrepit subway system Sunday — but didn’t have to face the foul-smelling and often crazy vagrants whom ordinary New Yorkers are forced to contend with every day.

That’s because police were ordered to roust all the homeless people from two stations ahead of the mayor’s four-stop press event as he rode from his Park Slope gym to his new re-election headquarters in downtown Brooklyn, law enforcement sources told The Post…

Another source said the mayor’s office notified police brass of his schedule ahead of time “with the expectation that the subway stations would be free and clear of homeless people.”

De Blasio wanted the subway stations to “look nice.” That’s how much he cares about NYC’s homeless population. They’re just props to be moved offstage while he takes his bow.

Good use of police resources, right? He doesn’t care when his own cops get executed, but they’re useful when he needs to clear out those smelly bums for his photo op.

Too bad de Blasio doesn’t take the subway every day. Then somebody would make an effort to fix the place up a bit. Oh well. You’re on your own, you commoners!