Chelsea Handler Apologizes For Trump Wherever She Goes

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Chelsea Handler says she now travels while wearing a T-shirt that says “sorry about our president” in 14 different languages.

The comedian shared a picture of her wearing the shirt on Instagram.

“The shirt I wear now when I travel. Thanks to whomever sent it to me,” Handler wrote. (RELATED: Chelsea Handler Rips Ivanka Over Claim She Tries ‘To Stay Out Of Politics’)

Reading through the comments not everyone thought it was a good look for her.

“Does anyone remember when the last time she was funny?? America is so lucky to have President Trump,” one wrote.

Another added, “I get that you don’t like the president but he is our only president and Your shirt is awful. Why would you want people to think we hate our country??? Terrible representation of US citizens you should be ashamed.”

It was just another attack from the comedian in a long line of attacks on the president, his administration, the first lady, and the rest of the first family.