Georgetown Professor Compares Antifa Violence To A Cancer Treatment For America [VIDEO]

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Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson compared violence by groups like Antifa in Charlottesville to tough “cancer treatments” and defended the groups as wanting to “preserve the fabric of America.”

“To equate the violence in reaction to bigotry with the bigotry itself is to misunderstand the fact that when you go to cancer treatments, the radiation is tough treatment but it is meant to remove the cancer,” Dyson said during a Wednesday interview on CNN’s “New Day.”

“The people that we claim, Black Live Matter, the Antifa movement and so on, are interested in preserving the fabric of America,” he said. “For the president to then to defend the actions of taking down Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson, and remember these people hated America enough to want to secede from it.”

Dyson continued to attack the president, calling him ignorant and unfit to lead. “This man is lethally ignorant, incapable of even having a kindergarten’s compression of the history or race,” Dyson said.

“That the problem with this president. He ain’t got the right moral vision. he doesn’t have the right words to express that moral vision, and he lacks an understanding of American history. This is the most illiterate, incompetent president in the history of this nation,” he concluded.

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